World’s Hardest Game

About World’s Hardest Game

As its name suggests, The World’s Hardest Game is a challenge for you. It will make you laugh, cry, and feel insane at times. If you manage to beat The World’s Hardest Game, you’ll become a hero. See how far you can go and if you encounter difficulties, read our tips below!

Top Tips and Tricks
Time your moves decisively
Timing and accuracy are the key to surviving a level in The World’s Hardest Game. Make sure you find the ideal moment to make your move – even a fraction of a second can make a difference.

Understand the levels
Unless you’re a speed master, you’ll die constantly. That gives you a chance to understand the level and see where you went wrong. Look at how obstacles move and plan your strategy to get past the green square.
Find rest points and checkpoints
Some levels have gaps outside the blue balls that allow you to stop and take a breather. There aren’t many opportunities like that, but they can help clear your mind. Some levels also have checkpoints to save your progress.

Keep your cool
Even the first level in this game can be challenging, but you can win. After completing the first level, you’ll realize you can go further if you remain calm and patient.

Truly the hardest game in the world
Very satisfying to complete a level

A unique and popular game from the Flash Days

Simple yet addictive – give it a try and see how you rate it.


How To Play World’s Hardest Game?

Use the arrow keys to avoid all the obstacles and finish each level!
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