Tunnel Rush 2

About Tunnel Rush 2

Enter a blazing Tunnel Rush full of speed and colorful with top-notch music and simple gameplay. Challenge your reflexes and speed!
The British firm Deer Cat Games created the game Tunnel Rush, which offers a 3D tunnel packed with obstacles and geometric forms. It evaluates your dexterity, coordination, and response time. The game has several hard levels and provides hours of engrossing entertainment. Additionally, the game contains high-quality music, graphics, and video. It is simple to grasp the fundamentals of the game, but the difficulty lies in predicting upcoming difficulties.


How To Play Tunnel Rush 2?

How to play:
Tunnel Rush on the computer is carried out using the left and right arrows / A, D – move left and right, space bar – pause / restart.
On touch screens, control using tapes.
Try to anticipate the dangers and prepare for them in advance
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