Subway Surfers San Francisco

About Subway Surfers San Francisco

A famous and elusive street artist and bully named Jack has come to visit the city of San Francisco today. Here, our hero has painted murals on the walls of buildings in many different places with the help of paint cans. As always, the police are keeping an eye on him. In the game Subway Surfers: San Francisco, you will help him escape their pursuit. On the screen in front of you, you will see your character, who with all his might, gradually accelerates and runs along the road. The police will be on his heels. Look carefully at the screen. On our hero’s path, obstacles await. You skillfully control his actions, either running around or jumping over them. There will also be coins and other items on the road that you will need to collect while running. They will give you points, and they can also reward the character with temporary power-ups.


How To Play Subway Surfers San Francisco?

Use Arrows button to play
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