Flappy Bird

About Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird is a classic side-scrolling game where you click the mouse to avoid obstacles. Originally released as a mobile game, it was later discontinued by its developer, Dong Nyugen. Now, you can play this addictive one-button game on your web browser.

Summary of Flappy Bird:

Described as a simple, addictive game that can slowly drive you crazy, Flappy Bird requires you to click to make a bird flap its wings and navigate it through pipes without falling. Your score is based on how far you get, and you are constantly trying to beat your own high score.

Web Browser Only:

Flappy Bird was originally created as a mobile game, but was removed from app stores. In an interview with Forbes, developer Dong Nguyen cited the game’s addictive nature as the reason for its removal.

Nevertheless, you can still play the original Flappy Bird for free on your web browser, whether on a desktop or mobile device!


How To Play Flappy Bird?

Click to flap and fly up.
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