Eggy Car

About Eggy Car

Eggy Car is a game that requires skill as you navigate through mountainous roads, driving a car with a fragile egg. If the egg is broken and falls out of your vehicle, the game ends. We apologize for the poor egg safety conditions, but we urge you to wear a seatbelt while driving. The Eggy Car is not up to health and safety standards.

Be careful with the controls as the vehicle accelerates and reverses very sensitively. To avoid breaking the egg, use the throttle gently when going through corners. Even if you drop an egg, you can still earn points based on how far you’ve traveled. Keep playing to improve your score!

Collect coins and power-ups as you progress to help you travel further without damaging your cargo. You can use the money to purchase new cars with unique designs that can help you travel even further. The game also features an Easter celebration theme.


Transport eggs in a car
Drive through hilly terrains
Save coins to buy new cars
Easter celebration theme


How To Play Eggy Car?

Control the car with the left and right arrow keys to move backwards and forwards, respectively.
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