Dreadhead Parkour

About Dreadhead Parkour

Dreadhead Parkour is a thrilling parkour game that allows players to take on the persona of the flashy Dreadhead and perform a variety of moves such as sliding, backflipping, and front flipping to navigate through each level and reach the end. Players can collect coins to unlock new skins and aim to achieve the highest score on each level. However, the game isn’t without its challenges, as there are plenty of obstacles such as bombs, spikes, and huge jumps that players must avoid by either hopping over or sliding under. The game tests players’ parkour skills and requires them to stay focused and alert to avoid getting hit. Are you ready for the challenge of Dreadhead Parkour?


How To Play Dreadhead Parkour?


Run right – D
Run left – A
Jump – W
Slide – S

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