Basketball Stars

About Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars is a great and exciting sports game on UBG365 that revolves around basketball with stylized and eye-catching cartoon characters. To play this Big Head Basketball game, you can compete in a 1-player championship mode or go head-to-head with another player on the computer. In 60 seconds, whoever scores more points by throwing the ball into the opposing basket will win.

Note that there are two types of players in this basketball game: Offensive and Defensive tendencies. Each player type will have different skills, so players should consider this when choosing the appropriate player. If you play Big Head Basketball game on mobile, you can only play the 1-player mode.


How To Play Basketball Stars?

How to play:

1-player controls:
– Use the WASD keys or arrow keys to move.
– Press X/L to throw/steal the ball.
– Press S to hit/block.
– Press A+A or D+D or double tap the left/right arrow keys to dash.
– Press K/Z to shoot from a distance.

2-player controls:
– Player 1 uses the WASD keys to move and Player 2 uses the arrow keys.
– Player 1 uses the B key to throw/steal the ball and Player 2 uses the L key.
– Player 1 uses the S key to hit/block and Player 2 uses the down arrow key.
– Player 1 double taps A/D and Player 2 double taps the left/right arrow keys to dash.
– Press K to shoot from a distance.

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